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A Teacher………

When life wanted to bless you, he gave you a teacher. He is the ultimate gift of God.

A teacher is noble, sweet and humble. He gives and knows only to give. A teacher is a visionary, a seer, a sage, a saint. He is down to earth. He is profound. He is great. He is wonderful. He is joy. He is the ultimate.

Teacher is the person who shapes the future of any human being. Teachers are the people who hold the candle of enlightenment, knowledge, and, prosperity. Any nation who doesn’t respect its candle bearers can never prosper and will always remain in darkness. Advancement of society depends upon teachers.

All tribute of it goes to teachers who enable every human to discover this potential. Teachers are like bright candles who show us the right path, else everyone will be wandering in the world of darkness. Teachers carry a lot of knowledge and information, and understand the obscure realities of this world.

A teacher is not ordinary, because he can make you extraordinary. He understands you like no one else. He comes into your life to change the way you look at life. You are no more the same again. Your understanding of things change, your knowledge grows, you grow. Life will never be the same again for you.

You can pay anyone, but you can never repay your debt to your teacher. A teacher gives everything to you. Finally a teacher makes you another teacher.

“Teachers, I believe, are the most responsible and important members of society

because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.”