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15th August! Independence Day

15th August! A day of great significance in the lives of every Indian… a day for each and every one of us to come together as Indians to honor the nation and the martyrs who have laid down their lives in giving us one of life’s most precious gifts … FREEDOM!

The occasion of India’s 66th Independence Day is the most appropriate time to look back in time on our country’s trials and triumphs over the years. Such momentous junctures invariably evoke mixed feelings of delight and disappointment as the journey has been of spectacular highs and dismal lows in the same breath.
We are truly a land of glorious contradictions – On one hand, we are reckoned – along with China, Russia and Brazil – as an emerging giant force of the coming century. The Indian economy is expected to grow by 8 – 10 per cent in coming years as the combined result of handsome agricultural produce, phenomenal industrial output, services and export boom. But growing parallel are India’s weak spots – some traditional, others recent. …abject poverty, Illiteracy, health hazards, inadequate power, weak infrastructure, corruption, terrorist threats…all have made us the most uncertain playground of the world.

A day to forget all differences and come together as one, just our forefathers once did.Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate India’s independence from the 200 year British raj and celebrate the birth of a sovereign nation.

A day that has India honoring her brightest heroes who laid down their lives, as India celebrates her Independence Day, may we also not forget those hundreds of unsung men and women from all over India who joined hands and fought in unity to achieve India’s freedom.

Jai Hind!