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66 Years of Independence But Are We Really Free?

The Britishers had ruled us for years. We were strangled by their rage and ruthlessness and every Indian was crumbled under their feet. But still there was a hope that one day the country will be free. Our brave freedom fighters turned the hopes and dreams of every Indian come true. 15th August 1947, every Indian could smell freedom in air and fly like a bird in the sky.
India, started to develop on various grounds. People got educated and employed. We Indians got more advanced and westernized. And with globalization things started moving rapidly with remarkable economic reforms profiting the country. Though we see growth everywhere, still there is a void in the nation.
But all through these 66 years of our free India we find that we have reached a saturation level where there is no end to corruption, social evils, atrocities on women etc. Freedom is our birth right but somehow and somewhere this right is being ruptured.
So, let’s not fight for dividing different states and come with a feeling of I, my, myself. Instead, we should stand together and fight for our rights and make our country in true terms a “free country”. So let’s stand together united and show the world that we are “Unity in Diversity” and make our Motherland be proud.
Proud to be an Indian. Jai Hind!!!