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TU Berlin and IEC Group of Institutions – Paving the way to the future

The internationally renowned Technische Universität Berlin is located in Germany’s capital city at the heart of Europe. The activities focus on building a distinctive profile, exceptional performance in research and teaching, excellent qualifications for our graduates and a forward-looking administration. The TU Berlin strives to promote the dissemination of knowledge and to facilitate technological progress by adhering to the principles of excellence and quality. Strong regional, national and international networking partnerships with science and industry are an important aspect in this regard.

On the other hand the research and teaching endeavors of IEC Group of Institutions can be characterized by a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, ranging from engineering science to Pharmacy and economics, as well as the humanities and social sciences at IEC UNIVERSITY. In order to leverage the strenghts of both the Universities Dr Naveen Gupta met Prof Harald Ermel to further boost up Research driven actitvities at IEC Group of Institutions as well as IEC UNIVERSITY.


  • 29510 students, including 5988 students from other countries
  • 7 Schools
  • 320 Professors
  • 15 Junior Professors
  • 2364 Research associates
  • 2668 Externally-funded positions
  • 90 Courses of study

During the course of the meeting Dr Harald Ermel and Dr Gupta have agreed to identify departments where work can begin together on mutual research interests.

The meeting concluded with discussions on knowledge transfer specially in the fields of Computer Science and Nano-Technology. Exchange of faculty members and subjects experts is also in tow. TU-Berlin has also invited students from IEC to come and study at their facilities.

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