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UNIVERSITY OF HUDDERSFIELD and IEC GROUP has fostered collaboration with the aim to establish an academic link between the two Institutions for the benefit of students at IEC. The first stage of collaboration has seen the following:

  • Exploration of collaborative Research Projects
  • Exchange of teaching and research staff
  • Organization of Joint academic activities such as seminars, lectures and conferences
  • Exchange of Academic materials and other information of academic interest
  • Possible future exchange of students

23rd May till 25th May 2012 saw the Head of International Partnerships from University of Huddersfield paying a visit to the Academics and Management for discussions in order to progress to the Second stage of collaboration indicating the MODEL of Progression/Articulation for students enrolled with IEC Group. The chosen fields for collaboration are Computer Science, Electronics and Business Management.

During the visit Professor Tony Wong took much interest in visiting the hi-tech labs at the Greater Noida campus and appreciated the projects developed by the students in-house as well as in consultation with the Industry. He said, “both the Institutions share the same opinion on industry-academic partnership” for the benefit of the students

Professor Tony Wong met Dr Naveen Gupta and modalities to follow the Articulation Model were discussed so that maximum number of students can enroll on to courses being offered by the University of Huddersfield. During the discussions expansion projects of IEC were also discussed which would open doors to other disciplines for collaboration in the field of Medicine, Applied Sciences and Fine Arts. Dr Gupta emphasized the need for the Indian students to be exposed to the advanced teaching and research activities which would lead to the growth of Nation.

The meeting with Dr Gupta and the International Operations Department concluded on a very positive note to step into the second stage of collaboration working towards Articulation Arrangement for the benefit of providing the finest education to IECians’ and the Indian students at large. With this arrangement in place there is no doubt that when students leave IEC and University of Huddersfield, they will be ready to take their place in the “WORLD OF WORK”