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London Olympics

The clash of 205 countries, and the pride of sport, the glory of nation- it is the biggest sport extravagant for athletics, London Olympics 2012- “Inspire a generation”. The total expenditure of the London Olympics which is said to be the highest expenditure on any sport event till date. 8.4 billion Pounds (74,000 CRORES approximate) is the total expenditure of the London Olympics which has exceeded 101% of the estimated budget. 179% rise in the budget compared to the previous Olympics.With a huge budget like this, one can expect the ultimate entertainment and the spirit of sport for 16 days. This is the only event which brings 205 nations under single roof and these games of the XXX Olympiad is all set to entertain the sport lovers very soon.The London Olympics is said to be most anticipatory because of its viewership. When considering the TV viewership, the 2008 Beijing Olympics has the record of the most viewed Olympics in history and this Olympics is destined to break that record.

If we look at the number game of the Olympics, 10,500 athletes are said to a part of the event from 205 Olympic national committees. 26 sports, 39 disciplines, 34 venues around the UK, 302 medal events, 8.8 million tickets, 21,000 media and broadcasters.

The main asset of this Olympics lies in the fact that the well-known fast-food chain McDonalds has come up with the new type of restaurant called Recycling restaurant. It accommodates 14,000 food lovers at one time and provides the authentic food, both home and continental.

The colour flags, the competition for medals, the passion for sport, enthusiastic music, never ending sprit and the glory of game is back 4 years after Beijing Olympics, which was of less on expenditure and more on Global cause. It was undoubtedly an Asian type of sport event which had great cause but not the high charisma as London Olympics.

We always see the craze of Cricket in London. This time it’s the Olympics and not even minute traces of Cricketare seen. Ashes, cricket series between Australia and England, are always noted as the clash of titans in the history of Cricket but the London Olympics will surely surpass the craze of the Ashes. As it is all set to rock and showcase its hospitality and glory to the world of sport.