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How to Achieve Everything You Ever Dreamed

One of the most powerful aspects of human is that human beings have the ability to generate invaluable ideas, visions and dreams. Ideas generation is a great human gift because we know that by it, inventions are developed for business, technology, communication and commerce.

Perfection is the state of being 100% flawless. It’s a condition that arises only when everything you can think of is without defect, mistake or error; a state of no further improvement. Everybody likes the idea of reaching a perfect situation, except that it is always difficult and almost very impossible to attain. In everyday life, we come in contact with situations that question our self-beliefs that easily get us into thinking about the better ways of improving our lives.

Often, I listen to people share their big dreams, goals and aspirations. Some of them show great enthusiasm as if they would start implementing their dreams immediately towards achieving them. But nothing is wrong with sharing lofty dreams, goals and aspirations; in fact I am one of those people who believe that if you must ever dream, dare to dream big!

But here is the problem that is common with average people. Many people believe in perfection even when they are not perfect. They want to work in the perfect organization, operate the system, and engage in the perfect relationships. They have great ideas, but they do absolutely nothing to start implementing them. They want new jobs; but they want to wait for the economy to get better before they approach their prospective employers for the jobs. They want to start a business, but they will never speak to their prospective customers 12 months after their dreams about their products and services until they finish designing the best website, obtain loan from the bank, rent an office on the high street, print the best business card, install the fastest internet and telephone systems, and perhaps launch the business with the Prime Minister in attendance.

Perfection is the major cause of procrastination and failure. It is the cancer of achievement that leads to poverty. If you ever have a dream of a goal you want to achieve, don’t wait for the perfect time. There is no such time as perfect. Find the people who are already doing similar things and learn from them. Engage the service of a performance coach or business strategist to help you accelerate your progress. There is no great strategy as taking a baby step in bringing a dream into reality. Begin small and learn as you progress so that over the years, you would have worked yourself to the point where people would think you are perfect.

Perfectionists are usually afraid of failing. They are more concerned with what other people would say if they fail than achieving what is most important in their lives. As a result, they procrastinate until the perfect time comes when they give up their dreams.

Perfectionism is dangerous to goals and dreams, and it stifles achievement. The major challenge perfectionists face is accepting a mistake. Mistake does not exist in their dictionary and they’d rather do nothing, than do anything with a mistake. But you can overcome the perfectionist’s mentality by realizing that every mistake you make on your dream’s journey is an experience towards achieving your dream.

If you want to succeed in anything at all; don’t worry about getting it all right initially. Make the commitment to take your first baby step and start it. As you progress in implementing your actions, you will start introduce new ideas to improve your results. Progress is a continuous improvement process; so also success, happiness, achievement and fulfillment. There is never a time when you will get it all perfectly right. Rather than wait for months and years to have things perfected, you could actually start now from the comfort of your home and expand from there.