My Views on International Women’s Day Mar08

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My Views on International Women’s Day

Gandhiji said, ‘Intellectually, mentally, and spiritually, woman is equivalent to a male and she can participate in every activity.”
March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. At first women’s day were organized in the early twentieth century. The purpose was to join two great political movements of that time, Feminism & Socialism and also to pay tribute to women’s revolutionary potential. Lately, original purpose of organizing Women’s day has cooled considerably to just an excuse to sell cheap pink crap. So today – Post Women’s Day – I am addressing few points where we must get our house in order for better women empowerment.
In India, women make 50% of the strength of our country but it is very rare to see a woman treated with respect & dignity. Safety & security of women is still at stakes which openly discriminates the rights of all forms constituted by our democratic governance. We must abolish this system of inequality and put the perpetrators behind the bars with severe punishment.
If we look into the past, we will find that women have always helped in building progressive societies, so women’s empowerment, health & education are must for overall development of the society.
I would also like to have the privilege and honor to state that Indian woman are excelling on all fields but often they forget to take care of themselves. This has led to detection of various health issues. Cancer is one of the biggest threats to women today. According to World Bank Report on working women, even in developed countries where women are advanced, gender economic inequality remains a serious problem.
I wish them the very best for the good work they have been doing. It is important that in order to care and look after those you love; you must also take good care of yourself. I wish all women a very happy International Women’s Day.