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World Environment Day – You Protect Environment; Environment Protects You

The World Environment Day (WED) is observed annually on 5 June as an opportunity to raise awareness and promote action on environmental issues. This day is being observed to mark the importance of diverse life forms for the well being of humanity and it also reminds us of our duty to safeguard the environment and reduce the loss of biodiversity.

On the World Environment day many countries & companies will take pledge to be environmentally responsible & moving towards growing concern of global warming. Unfortunately if we look into practical application, not many of the countries & companies have in its true sense has made honest efforts in protecting our planet. When it comes to industrial development, environmental steps and policies are found to be given a secondary priority causing severe threat to the collective cause to conserve the world environment,

There’s beauty in every living creature & there is a purpose for their existence. It’s not only on World Environment Day but every day we need to decide how we can safeguard our sadly depleted resources and our badly mutilated surroundings. Let’s think for some time what we can do to save the environment.

Over the times immemorial human beings have behaved as if the earth belonged only to them. They exploited and spoiled the environment according to their conveniences. Destroyed the forests, water resources, habitats of many animals & birds. Lately after some awareness campaign from national & international conferences on environment, World Environment Day themes & messages, agreements & laws we have realized the importance & benefits of protecting our planet.

June 5, being celebrated as a world environment day will bear its significance only when not only the governments, International organizations or the industry alone take the pledge, but the people of the country need to be awakened and get together in making the planet Earth greener and healthier.

We have to bring greater awareness at the school & college level by incorporating the latest findings on the subject matter so that young minds are continuously kept engaged in making them understand and in the process educating them on the problem and solution for a sustainable future.

If we want to preserve nature for the benefit of future generations, let each one of us understand our environment & lend our hands, by planting trees, by using less water, less electricity and less fuel. Avoid the use of plastic bags. Above all our lifestyle should be such that we do not further damage the environment. We can join movements and organisations that protect the environment, conserve wildlife & save our planet.

There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. (Mahatma Gandhi)