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Technologies used @ IEC Part-2

In addition to profile based Social Media platforms, IEC also ventured into content based ventured. Two initiatives were taken at the same time. First was to develop an e-learning platform where faculty of IEC can collate high quality content from internet and present it to students in easily understandable manner. This e-learning platform was done in true spirit of Open Source. We are using Moodle E-learning platform & for content we are streaming videos directly from Youtube. IEC faculty started liking the process and they themselves came forward and created some good lectures. We envision developing an exhaustive course material for UPTU engineering courses and also working on different soft skills. This E-Learning process is open to all. Anybody can access the E-Learning application provided by IEC. When it was started, around 50 subjects were introduced for the learning programme. Then different videos were uploaded on the site. By the help of which a student can see the video and solve the prescribed questions .

I don’t want to make it a private platform where only IEC students can access the content, it should make it open to each and every student who wants to learn.

Second initiative was around blogging. As we all know that blogs are usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events or other material such as graphics and videos.

IEC also launched a blogging platform ( for all the students and faculty members. Idea is to given a wide platform to students to write on different subjects of their interest. This blogging platform has been slowly getting very popular among IEC students. It receives more than 2000 visitors in a month. And also I have also own  my blogging site. The main reason behind this blogging site is to open and transparent access to head of the IEC family.